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As you can see, this group Just started to work, so I just can say If you like League of legends and shipping champions,  welcome here! ^^ You'll love our gallery!! yaaay!

    About submitting art:

- You have to be a Member if you want to submit art xD

- If your Art isn't about league of legends, will be erase.

- If you have a picture or fanfic about league of legends, but not about "lovey dovey" things :P or a pairing, don't worry, there's a folder called "not pairings" where you can submit it too ^^

- If your Picture has Mature content you can submit it on "Adults only" folder


- Your art will be accepted immediately if you submit it on its respective folder

- Submissions on Featured are not allowed, Admins will put on there random art you submitted before

That's all we have to say..

Welcome and have fun on our gallery! ^^

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