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Alright boys and girls I'm in the process of setting up the cast of characters for this series and was wondering if you guys could help with 2 things.....

1) characters in game or oc to be in the series, mainly because the series will be several one shots and yes if u have a character u made up for LoL they're elligible too.

2) dialogue, see sometimes when I write a story I need to rp with others to help the dialogue flow if that makes any sense at all, so if any of you rp and are willing to help that'd be greatly appreciated.

3) have fun with this you guys if you have a story idea you think might be good feel free to share it and I'll do my best to make it work.

thank you for your time.
As you can see, this group Just started to work, so I just can say If you like League of legends and shipping champions,  welcome here! ^^ You'll love our gallery!! yaaay!

    About submitting art:

- You have to be a Member if you want to submit art xD

- If your Art isn't about league of legends, will be erase.

- If you have a picture or fanfic about league of legends, but not about "lovey dovey" things :P or a pairing, don't worry, there's a folder called "not pairings" where you can submit it too ^^

- If your Picture has Mature content you can submit it on "Adults only" folder


- Your art will be accepted immediately if you submit it on its respective folder

- Submissions on Featured are not allowed, Admins will put on there random art you submitted before

That's all we have to say..

Welcome and have fun on our gallery! ^^

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